I use “Speed Graphic” as a generic term for the classic press camera. Which, by the way, is a derivative of the Folding Bicycle Camera of the late 1800’s. My own camera is actually a Graflex Pacemaker Crown Graphic 45. The cheaper, lighter, sans focalplane shutter sibling of the renowned Speed Graphic. It was manufactured in about 1952.

These old cameras are fun to use. Many are buying them to use as a cheap view camera, but I find that I like to use mine as they were intended. That is basically as a big handheld flash snapshot camera. Others like to use them in reenactments either as combat photograpers or press photographers. However, they are versatile cameras indeed, our cousins across the pond in Britain called them “Hand and Stand Cameras” which is in my way of thinking the one of the best description of them.

While www.graflex.org, and other sites have a lot of information on the equipment and for collectors there does not seem to be any web information on using these old cameras. And to me using them is the most important thing. So that is the intent of these webpages, how to use your Speed Graphic and or similar camera, and have fun with it.