4 Things You Should Never do After Getting Arrested for a DUI

Getting arrested for a DUI is always tough and could end up affecting you for the rest of your life. What you do right after you are arrested is also very important, as it can have a direct influence on how harsh your punishment may be. In other cases, what you do could invalidate any claim that you’re innocent. This is why you must know what to do and what not to do after getting caught. Here are some of the worst things you could do after getting arrested for a DUI.


Assuming the Breathalyzer Test is Everything

Many people will assume that they will automatically be convicted if they fail the breathalyzer test. However, PBTs are not perfect, and many factors can result in an incorrect reading.

For instance, you could have something in your mouth that causes the device to misread your true blood alcohol level. Some people may have conditions like liver disease or diabetes that affect the results. Even atmospheric conditions like gases can affect the device’s accuracy.

A good lawyer will make sure to examine multiple factors that will affect your chances of being guilty. These may not be related to your breathalyzer test at all. They might also be able to look at the details of the arrest and see if there were any irregularities or if your rights were violated.

Talking to the Police

The right to remain silent is not a cliche and you should take full advantage of it. Besides giving them your license and registration, you are under no obligation to exchange a single word with them. That part about anything you do and say being used against you in a court of law is not a cliche either, and even seemingly benign statements could end up affecting your case, so keep your mouth shut.

Admitting Guilt

You may have devised this strategy that you were going to go to court and play the honesty card. You might think that by laying everything on the table and showing remorse that you might get a more lenient judgment. But that would be a terrible idea. When you admit guilt, you are automatically opening yourself up to harsher sentences. You should defend your case instead. You might not necessarily be able to beat the charges, but there is always the chance that you could have some of them reduced.

Representing Yourself

This is another bad idea. Some people may think that there’s nothing a lawyer can do for them or that they’ll be able to handle it themselves after doing some research. But DUI lawyers will be able to see things you don’t and give you valuable advice. Only a good lawyer will be able to build a strong defense for you and make sure you’re fairly judged. They will also be instrumental if it’s not your first time.

These are all things you should never do when getting arrested for a DUI. Whatever you do, at least consider talking with an attorney to see what they can do. You’ll then be able to have a better idea of what the best course of action would be